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Train Obstruction Detection System

TIDS-200 (Train Intelligent Detection System) is an innovative train driving aid system developed in collaboration with TCT, (Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd) capable of detecting in real time any type of obstruction, intrusion, track conditions, and signals aspects status. The standalone system will detect, determine the distance, generate an alarm, and send warnings of the speed and distance, to the train operators of the sudden intrusion, or obstructions ahead of the train. It has the ability of detecting the approach signal led status. At the same time, the information of the events and alarms will be reported to the operation control center (OCC) if network is available. It is usually used to guarantee the safety of manual driving in the absence or non-existence of train control or signaling systems by continuously monitoring the environment ahead of the train. It can also work as a supplementary subsystem of train control / signal system specially when is in a degraded mode.
TIDS identifies the obstructions, crossings and signals status independently of any system. Upon detection, it will provide an alarm, alerts the distance of the target, and sends the train operator braking or speed measures according to the preset tracking distance. The system functional highlights are as follows:

  • As a standalone or supplementary system, it can be
    installed on each vehicle or Rolling Stock without requiring interfacing with any other system. It can be integrated to other systems as needed,
  • Utilizes Video Analytics and Sensors to detect and identify any intrusion (Objects or Person) nearby or inside the tracks, calculates distance of the object, and detects the indications of signals aspects or crossing status,
  • An Intelligent system that will continue updating the data by identifying, memorizing and recognizing Track Sections, Multiple targets and smalls targets;
  • Uses mainstream driverless techniques; technical verification and ongoing updates to improve accuracy.
  • Detects and monitors vehicle speed;
  • Provides the position or localization of vehicle;
  • Output the visual range and speed limit information;
  • Status report of the position and speed of vehicle and the health status of each TIDS to the Headend.
  • Components and software can be customized according to the need of the customer.

The technology supports Train Operators to monitor in real time the track and intersections environment ahead of the train, ensuring traffic safety and improved operation efficiency. The system will realize digitalization of the route physical world, enabling more AI applications in the future