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The FLZ 300 Computer Based Train Control (CBTC) is an integrated signaling system solution for mass transit provided by CRSC (USA). The FLZ 300 CBTC is an automated system based on moving block principles that employs continuous, bi-directional train-to-wayside communications to monitor train positioning using radio-based communications.

The FLZ 300 CBTC is a safe and reliable train control solution comprised of several safety-related subsystems that entail fail-safe principles.  All subsystems within the FLZ 300 CBTC system comply with CENELEC standards, all safety-related subsystems have passed the safety assessments, acquiring a safety integrity level of SIL4. Utilizing automatic traffic control with minimum headway of 90 seconds, the FLZ300 CBTC system minimizes system faults and maximizes transportation efficiency at the highest levels of safety, while meeting peak customer demands for flexibility and performance.

The FLZ 300 CBTC system is characterized by maintainability, reliability, and availability comprising of a multi-redundancy structure that utilizes reliable standard components for all the major equipment within the system.  Using standard equipment reduces equipment types minimizes single-point faults, increases the amount of available spare parts, and improves repair times.  To meet various customer requirements, the FLZ 300 CBTC system is a scalable and flexible system of modular design allowing ease in modification, extension, and customization of the hardware and software system.  The FLZ 300 CBTC system offers the ability to interface with existing railway systems allowing implementation of an overlay CBTC system when necessary.  During the life cycle of the system, these factors combined help mitigate maintenance costs and minimize system faults