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The DTC-100 Street Car Control System is an economical and efficient integrated signaling System solution provided by China Railway Signals & Communications CRSC (USA) Inc. Requiring minimal trackside equipment, the DTC-100 system will minimize construction costs. It is suitable for track of public right of way, with headway greater than 3 minutes.

The DTC-100 system has a simple system structure, and the system equipment is mainly distributed in the control center, the depot, the mainline and the train. The number of trackside equipment in the mainline area is minimal, mainly concentrated in the turnout area and intersection area. The DTC-100 system includes Central Dispatch System (CDS), Point Control System (PCS), Crossing Control System (CCS), Onboard Driver Assistant System (DAS), depot CBI system and Data Communication System (DCS). The system can be customized according to user requirements for extensive functions.

The DTC-100 is a GOA level 0 signal system. The system relies on bidirectional train-to-wayside communications to perform train position tracking, automatic route control, overspeed alarm and warning, intersection priority control, and event recording.

The DTC-100 complies with CENELEC standards and all safety-related subsystems have passed all safety assessments. Point control system, depot interlocking system acquiring a safety integrity level of SIL4.