SOC-100 Smart On-board Controller


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SOC-100 Smart On-Board Controller

The SOC-100 Smart Onboard Controller is a cost-effective onboard solution provided by CRSC (USA) Inc. It can be used for ATP in marshalling yard locomotives, mining vehicles, trams in conjunction with other light-weight onboard systems.

The SOC-100 system provides a 2oo2 safety architecture. It was designed based on the GSSAP safety platform which has been widely used in metro and high-speed rail.

The SOC-100 can provide a multitude of external interfaces for different applications such as 24VDC I/O, speed sensor inputs, CAN, RS232, RS422, Ethernet, USB, as well as GPS and Radio interfaces.

The SOC-100 has a strong environmental adaptability. The chassis adopts a closed design, which can handle strong vibrations and impacts along with being waterproof and dustproof. Ingress protection grade reaches IP55. The chassis dimensions are 288mm (W) x 285mm (H) x 440mm (D) (11.34” x 11.22” x 17.32”). It supports a variety of flexible installation methods, which is conducive to the ability to upgrade existing vehicles.