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Switch Machine Monitoring System

SMMS (Switch Machine Monitoring System) is an innovative standalone system developed in collaboration with BTT, Shanghai Bestway Telecom Technologies Co.Ltd, capable of monitoring and detecting in real time the different kinds of working or conditions states of a switch machine. By using embedded subsystems, sensor technology, Image analysis and power carrier communication technology, the system can collect real-time data and conditions of a switch machines. The system can provide the maintainer with real-time status, alarm, trend analysis and other information of each individual switch machine. The Switch Machine Monitoring System has been implemented with CRSC (USA) MMS system, but it can interface with other Monitoring Systems.

The SMMS functional highlights are as follows:

  • As a standalone or supplementary system, provides a subsystem for each switch machine to monitor and to obtain real time data and conditions based on customer needs. Data to be acquire are the switch points gap deviation, current, voltage, power, operating time, vibration, temperature and humidity, oil pressure and oil level.
  • Able to integrate easily with an existing Maintenance Monitoring System or to other systems as needed. The Application can run form a local server or be Based on Cloud Platform.
  • Equipment is installed indoors and outdoors with requirements of trackside installations to obtain data for Gaps Detection, Vibrations, Temperature, vehicle passing detection and other environmental conditions among others
  • Provides additional monitoring functions including pictures and video data collection of the internal conditions of detector rods.
  • Provides reporting functionalities such as Status report and Statistics
  • Components and software can be customized according to the need of the customer.
  • The technology supports the maintenance group to monitor in real time the switch machines or turnouts within the systems without necessity of physical inspection improving the efficiency and supporting the preemptive maintenance.