MMS (Maintenance Monitoring System) is an innovative maintenance monitoring and support system capable of detecting failures or support troubleshooting in real time, interact with any COTS and Non-COTS products to obtain status, conditions, alarms, events and support diagnostics. The supplementary and standalone system can interact with other systems to allow the centralization of data, alarms, and events to facilitate and expedite the diagnostics and troubleshooting of other systems. The systems can send the status to maintainers and provides mobile apps interaction to support the on-site or field troubleshooting.

The system functional highlights are as follows:

  • Centralization of all alarms and events,
  • Search and Query of Data,
  • 3D real time interaction with field devices,
  • Detects and monitors vehicle status and conditions including speed information and failures,
  • Provides reporting, and can interface with other Platforms
  • Components and software can be customized according to the need of the customer

The technology supports Maintenance Group to monitor and to perform analysis of DATA in real time of all systems, subsystems and field devices. The system will realize playbacks to support investigation if incidents, failures and accidents