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DS6-80 Wayside Controller

The DS6-80 zone controller system is a fail-safe signaling device that complies with European railway safety standards. It is the core wayside equipment of the CBTC interoperability system but it can be used in other applications including but not limited to vital interlockings, High Speed Rail and Wheel Speed Detection and Enforcement. It connects to AWS, SSI, ATS, CC, adjacent ZC, and the Maintenance PC. It can generate train movement authority (MA) in real time based on the position of CBTC trains, track occupancy information, interlocking route information, temporary speed restriction command, etc. The ZC can transmit the MA to the CC through the radio communication system (RCS) or Data Communication System (DCS) to ensure the safe operation of all trains within its territory. The system is a microprocessor-based 2 times 2-out-of-2 (2x2oo2) Solid State interlocking signal control system. The system has been developed in accordance with the European Railway standards EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129, the safety integrity level has reached CENELEC SIL4, and it has obtained the safety certification from a third-party, an international evaluation company.

The DS6-80’s ZC system has been implemented at several systems in China and in overseas urban rail transit, high-speed railway, general-speed railway and freight railway. The first system has been in service since 2008. The ZC can be utilized for acquiring IO, managing interlocking and/or just for controlling the zones within a train control system. Its versatility and customizability allow for different safe applications including interoperability requirements.