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Computer Integrated Process System (CIPS) is an integrated management and control platform with management information system with comprehensive integration of the automatic control system and integrated management system specifically design for classification yards. CIPS integrates existing mature process control subsystems, establishes a shared information platform, and combines scheduling management to achieve decision-making, optimization, management, scheduling, and automatic operation of wayside and onboard equipment, thus improving the overall efficiency and reducing the excessive requirement of staff.

CIPS is applicable to large and medium classification yards, especially main classification yards in the whole railway network or a certain region, as well as district stations with high density shunting operations and railway stations for industrial and mining companies and ports.

CIPS brings radical changes to the organization management mode of the railway transport services of classification yards. It includes the following main functions:

  1. Automatic scheduling of various plans;
  2. Automatic route planning and route control;
  3. Automatic control of on-board equipment;
  4. Support of management functions at the desktops of all managers by means of remote desktop technology;
  5. Real-time and comprehensive analysis of indicators;
  6. Comprehensive play-back;
  7. Comprehensive reports and statements for single items;
  8. Regular capacity analysis and inspection;
  9. Intelligent intervention of operation decision-making (operation maintenance).