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The high-speed rail signaling system provided by CRSC (USA) is the ATG 2000 system which is based on the already proven and safety certified based on the requirements of an European Train Control System Level 2 (ETCS-2).

The ATG 2000 is a cost-effective, compact train control solution applicable to high speed rail, intercity rail, and commuter rail.  The ATG 2000 implements the highest levels of safety while meeting peak customer demands for flexibility and performance.

The ATG 2000 ETCS-2 system is designed adhering to the principles of fail-safe operations with a max operating speed of 350 Km/h (217 MPH) and improved headway of 3 minutes.  All subsystems within the ATG 2000 system comply with CENELEC standards and have passed the safety assessments, acquiring a safety integrity level of SIL4.  Safety Certifications for the ATG 2000 have been recognized and awarded by internationally recognized third party certification bodies known as TUV, Lloyds of England, and Atkins.