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CRSC (USA) INC. is the USA subsidiary of the China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Limited (CRSC LTD) established in 1953. CRSC (USA) was incorporated in 2016 in Delaware with its office located in Jacksonville, FL. CRSC (USA) is also registered to perform business in California, Massachusetts, Indiana, Florida, and New York. CRSC LTD is the pioneer of China’s rail transportation control system industry and one of the largest rail transportation control system solution providers in the world, and has been listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2015.
CRSC (USA) understands the importance of US market rail signaling standards and has built a strong team of US-based Signal Engineers with an extensive knowledge in US railway signaling engineering standards, policies, procedures, and expectations in both freight and transit railroads. Also , the CRSC (USA) team is knowledgeable of the best industry practices and applicable standards such as AREMA, IEEE, CENELEC, Federal Railroad Administration, and Federal Transit Administration regulations.
With a combined US railway industry experience of over 100 years, CRSC (USA) Inc. team has an extensive experience in the US market with system integration/interoperability, equipment manufacturing, and project implementation services. This expertise has enabled CRSC (USA) Inc . to offer the capacity to provide, customize, and implement various train control and rolling stock solutions. CRSC (USA) Inc. has modified CRSC LTD products, which are proven technology in compliance with CENELEC Standards, to meet AREMA Environmental and Safety Standards.


Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

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Solutions for Passenger Railway

  • FZL 400 (Driverless CBTC system)
  • FZL 300 (Wireless CBTC System)
  • FZL 200 (Loop-based CBTC System)
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Solutions for Street Car

DTC 100 (Street Car Control System) Economical and efficient fixed block system using modern communication technology Scalable and flexible system applying modular design, allowing ease in modification and extension Support degraded operations in different scenarios

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Mainline Railways including High Speed Rail

  • ATG 2000 (Advanced Train Guidance – ETCS-2 System)
  • ATG 1000 (ETCS-1 System)
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Solutions for Freight Railway

  • Computer Integrated Process System (CIPS)
  • Hump Yard Control System
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Head end or Front End Solution

  • Centralized Traffic Control System –(CTC)
  • Automatic train supervision – (ATS)
  • Maintenance Monitoring System – (MMS)
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DS6-60 Solid State Interlocking (SSI)

Wayside signal system that can be used to control and manage wayside devices within an interlocking, ensuring safety and vitality while effortlessly integrating vital and non-vital functions

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DS6-80 Wayside Zone Controller

Generates train movement authority in real time to ensure the safe operation of all trains within its territory Can be used as the vital wayside controller for CBTC, HSR, and other applications Designed with 2oo2 hot redundancy structure. It has been certified as a SIL4 general product.

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Train Control On-Board Controller

Provides the automatic train protection and ensures the safety operation of trains. It maintains the safe distance between trains and supervises the movement authority, track data, and diagnostic data. It is used as the on-board controller for CBTC, HSR, and other applications. Designed with 2oo2 hot redundancy structure and certified as a SIL-4 product.

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SOC-100 Smart On-board Controller

Smaller than the typical OBCU Cost-effective light weight on-board solution Can be used for ATP in classification yard locomotives, mining vehicles, and trams It is customizable

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Rolling Stock

CRSC (USA) Inc. offers low floor streetcars in both three and five cars consist configurations that are customizable and certified by International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). Both models can be offered using Ultra capacitor technology to reduce dependencies on an OCS or Traction Power Systems

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